Consolidating databases access

So as you can see there are a number of ways that work just fine hmm, the easiest way to do this, assuming you havent already done it.

What is a Query in MS Access Building a Basic Query Sorting and Filtering Data Editing Data in a Query Why Are Records Missing in My Access Query!Once you have created your Select Query and specified the criteria you want to use to delete records, you can test out your query by running it.If you know the query will select only the records you want to delete, you can change the query type to "Delete" in the Ribbon and select run again.First, create your Select Query with any necessary filter criteria. You will be prompted to indicate what table you want to add records to.Create a new table that have all the columne in all your 5 tables, then create the needed SQL statment like SELECT * FROM Tb1 INTO Table With All Columns eventually add some WHERE to exclude the duplicate rows from the insert.

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