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Menu system in Drupal 8 has been changed completely.One of the biggest changes being removal of hook_menu().This is the step…Registers one or more callbacks that can be called at index time to add additional data to the indexed items (e.g.comments or attachments to nodes), alter the data in other forms or remove items from the array. These are classes implementing the Search Api Processor Interface interface which can be used at index and search time to pre-process item data or the search query, and at search time to post-process the returned search…A Web Services initiative to provide a core RESTful solution has been under development for Drupal 8. I won’t get into the complexities of the routing system.

This hook is used to inform the CTools plugin system about the location of a directory that should be searched for files containing plugins of a particular type.

Drupal does a great job of handling url aliases to nodes and other entities (taxonomy, users, etc), but the admin forms don’t allow you to trigger custom PHP code at an arbitrary path.

An additional benefit that I’ll touch on briefly is access control.

If a command needs to bootstrap to a higher level, this is best done in the command init hook.

It is permisible to bootstrap in any hook, but note that if bootstrapping adds more commandfiles (*.drush.inc)…Automatically download project dependencies at pm-enable time.

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