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The graphic seems to imply that a male would want to form a 2D only with a female, and a female would only want to form a 2D only with a male.

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It even has the 200 question Master Tech "Personnel Potential Analysis" questionnaire posted on their career site (complete with horrible grammar and misspellings.) I know exactly what that is. It was at that point I started to really dig in and do my homework.

As former Scientologists explain in the documentary, the church does whatever it can to keep Cruise happy because "In the eyes of [Scientology leader] David Miscavige, Tom Cruise is the perfect Scientology celebrity," according to ex-Scientology executive Mike Rinder.

So when Cruise was looking for a new girlfriend after his breakup with Nicole Kidman, the church jumped to help, the documentary said. They were opening a new Scientology church in Madrid, and he was overheard complaining that he needed a new girlfriend," said"According to her [Bodiani], they [the church] came to her apartment with her mum and found every photograph of the two of them together [Bodiani and Cruise] and took them away and every scrap, every letter, everything, they tossed as if it never existed.""And she was really upset because she was really hurt by the whole thing.

You could go online to Free Singles/Affinity Exchange. Or you could go to a Church-sponsored singles gathering or meet someone.

What we found by reviewing the online dating sites is that there appeared to be many of the same faces on those sites without knowing if you or people on those sites actually got the product of finding someone to create a relationship with.

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