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In many cases, this feature is quite useful and will work without any issues, but sometimes you might find that Hibernate decides to update something that you did not expect.

Finding out why his happened can be a rather difficult task.

Hibernate version: 2.1.3 Mapping documents: Code between session Session() and session.close(): DTimer s = (DTimer)it.next(); //Timer ID(null); my Machine Or Update(s); my Machine Session.flush(); my Machine TX.commit(); Full stack trace of any exception that occurs: Name and version of the database you are using: MYSQL 3.2 Debug level Hibernate log excerpt: Update updates an existing record and save inserts a new record, save Or Update checks then inserts or updates based on the value of the primary key.

BUT what happens if you are copying from one table to another and the row in the table you are inserting to is empty BUT the ID key of the object you are inserting is not, Ie ID is not null.

if i use unsaved type="ANY' it will always insert and thats not what i want.

For this reason, Hibernate offers the Flexibility is very important when dealing with a data access framework, and, for this reason, Hibernate offers several options to avoid updating certain columns, or to update just the columns that got modified.SELECT AS id1_0_0_, p.created_on AS created_2_0_0_, p.score AS score3_0_0_, p.title AS title4_0_0_ FROM post p WHERE = 1 -- Fetched post: Post UPDATE post SET score = 12, title = 'High-Performance Java Persistence' WHERE id = 1 statement includes all table columns, even if only a subset is being actually modified.Using the same SQL statement is beneficial when using JDBC statement caching.How do i tell it to check the value of the key being held(ID) against the table its inserting intoif you persist an instance with an id, then hibernate thinks it exists and tries to update it. i never used it but the following seems to be what you want: save Or Update Copy public Object save Or Update Copy(Object object) throws Hibernate Exception Copy the state of the given object onto the persistent object with the same identifier.If there is no persistent instance currently associated with the session, it will be loaded. If the given instance is unsaved or does not exist in the database, save it and return it as a newly persistent instance.

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