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You’re fed up with people being dishonest in their profiles. Why does something that seems so easy have to be so hard!

For 13 years I have been helping people solve their relationship problems.

Your time is far too valuable to be filtering through countless profiles of singles who have little in common with you.

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Let’s not forget that Vancouver is home to some of the world’s finest cuisine, since it’s so culturally diverse.To get there, we put the science behind our 29 Dimensions of Compatibility System® to work for you. Neil Clark Warren, who spent years looking through research on hundreds of couples. Warren identified 29 characteristics that were consistent in most healthy relationships.For the single person, it’s been a long-standing complaint that Vancouver’s dating scene is difficult.Head to the Lonsdale Quay Market where you can find everything from curry to souvlaki.Maybe you’re looking to cover some ground, and if that’s the case take the scenic route and experience the Van Dusen Botanical Garden.

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