If you are dating are you still single

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you’re still as single as a pringle? Well, we have, and let us tell you, there’s something to blame.

Sorry to break it to you love-seeker, but there’s a high chance that the stars are sabotaging your chance at finding your one and only.

Instead of feeling energized after hanging out with your partner, you feel emotionally drained most of the time.

They cite such dating turnoffs as trash talking the opposite sex, playing games, and nursing grudges.

If you can't be who you truly are with your significant other, it's time to think hard about what you are doing in a situation like this..why. While it's true that our partners aren't responsible for our happiness, they should certainly make our days a little brighter!

Someone who is dating the right person consistently enjoys the relationship and feels a general sense of happiness (arguments aside! If you find yourself unhappy most of the time -- and especially when you are with them -- then this may be a sign that this isn't the best person for you.

As a nation of discontented love addicts, we can spend hours in compulsive fantasy (either imaginary or online) fixated on a dream lover.

We fill our head with thoughts of warm embraces, candlelight dinners, and mad, lustful sex; until finally we think we've found them: "The one I can't live without." Though love doesn't exclude lust (in fact, it's quite the opposite), the pleasure of a new relationship can be all consuming, and the danger is that we will put its gratifications ahead of our survival.

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